Microsoft Identity management Consulting



A read-only, stand-alone, remote, command-line tool that performs Microsoft Identity Manager best practice analysis checks.

Version 1.0 features include:

* 38 best practice task checks including data integrity checks of the synchronization service database

* Run an entire category of tasks: syncserver, portalserver, syncdb, portaldb

* Manually specify synchronization or portal server names, ports, instance names, and database names

* Export all tasks, description, and references to output without performing any action

* Verbose output which includes task names, which can be used to run the task individually, requirements to run the task, reference(s) for further reading, a description of the task, number of errors, and a task result.

* Redirection of output to a datetime name stamped file for periodic automation

* Digitally signed

* Licensing options available for consultants and consulting companies who which to use the product as a service and/or charge for the use of the software.

Download here

MD5: 0512dedd90874aa37d5f45a13e101dd7

SHA1: eceeb225d504fe7b7f76f16fcebcdbf1b88476d1