Microsoft Identity management Consulting



A read-only, stand-alone, remote, command-line tool that performs Microsoft Identity Manager best practice analysis checks.

Version features include:

* 9 new sync and portal checks from the previous version such as critical, error and warning event log entries.  Check against common product support case issues like failure to clear run history, failure to filter built-in admin and sync FIM service objects, excessive explicit connectors and explicit disconnectors, and running MAs out of process

* In total, 62 best practice task checks (80 with "dirty" sync checks) including data integrity checks of the synchronization service database

* Run an entire category of tasks: syncserver, portalserver, syncdb, portaldb, syncstorecheck, and syncstorecheckdirty

* New in - Perform a collection of categories: allsync, allportal, all, all+syncstorecheckdirty

* Manually specify synchronization or portal server names, ports, instance names, and database names

* Export all tasks, description, and references to output without performing any action

* Verbose output which includes task names, which can be used to run the task individually, requirements to run the task, reference(s) for further reading, a description of the task, number of errors, and a task result.

* Redirection of output to a datetime name stamped file for periodic automation

* Digitally signed

* Licensing options available for consultants and consulting companies who which to use the product as a service and/or charge for the use of the software.

Download here SHA256: b44e09595f9d06dac1f0a48a2e2c35bcd546b990b3eaad5897632ddb4cf204ca

mimcheck.exe SHA256: 9387cd70457c708a74be74f68a7099c83d9a8754875e8649ec602dbeda46b530

Version History

May 23, 2017 - Version - Initial Build (38 total checks)

Feb 01, 2018 - Version - Dirty Build (57 total checks) - Adds "dirty" SQL checks

Apr 20, 2018 - Version - Support Build (71 total checks) - Adds 14 checks

June 7, 2018 - Version - Event Build (80 total checks) - Adds 9 checks and 5 switches